TLC Home Inspections


Whether you are buying, selling, or even building, having a home inspector assisting you at the early stages can save a lot of time and money. You can put my several years of commercial and residential maintenance, over two-hundred home inspections, and now experience in my process of becoming a qualified home energy auditor, to work for you.

  • Buying

    - If you have found something that you are interested in and you have a question or concern, call before making an offer.
  • Selling

    - Get your home ready to put on the market. I can identify items that may be potential "roadblocks" and assist in prioritizing a repair list.
  • Building

    - Avoid the items that routinely occur during a home inspection (even on new construction). Beginning before site preparation, follow-up visits during the building stages, and finishing with a listing inspection can increase marketability and speed the sale. This is also a good quality-control measure. With my knowledge in home energy auditing, I can assist in building techniques that can make a home more energy efficient and attractive to buyers.

TLC is committed to becoming a partner in the home-buying process.

Because every house needs a little TLC